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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Written October 24, 3. At once! And here I am, feeling like screaming because From book The A Matter of Time series is about if you haven't yet read the first one: view spoiler [ the gay, blond, goodlooking Jory Keyes Jory's boss is the stone-faced tough Dane Harcourt. Detective Sam Kage is a sexy, but straight tough male alpha. After Joy's and his first meeting is Detective Kage just everywhere.

He is ready to "save" Jory from other men, from walking home alone, from to many drinks One thing leads to another and pretty soon we got a start on a long, tough, heartbreaking grand love story. NOT an easy love journey. Course is also the second part still very good narrated by Paul Morey hrs.

A Matter of Time Book II (A Matter of Time #2) by Mary Calmes

His voice IS these characters for me now. I really like these music snippets between the chapters. This music makes this almost like listening to an old radio serial about a hard-boiled private-cop in the 50's. But apart from that stuff is this heartwarming good and I can't help but love these, not always easy loved, men and this lengthy but engrossing, fun, interesting etc.. The love and steam are delightful hot and so tender sweet when we at last get some wanted more this time. Good for me. As I already said in my last review: This is fun, intense, emotional and so captivating. Oh yeah, this will be a long and bumpy ride.

Thank's for the cookies, ladies! I must point it out again: - Still very glad it's possible to listening to these long book-series and go on and 'live' your ordinary RL in the same time as you 'live' another one Next up: 3 - A Matter of Time 3 the first half of my next audiobook Vol.

A Matter of Time Book II

I LIKE Book or Vol. View all 23 comments. Specially when he thought his future will involve a woman and kids. He start to work at Barrington as graphic designer with a partner to develop branding for new clients. Overall, Jory is still not taking anything serious. Not even life and death situations. He also continuing to be stupid and people are still annoyingly telling him how gorgeous he is we get it! Needless to say, I don't get why I'm re-reading this series; I just can't find anything else to read. That day we went to Macy's and I was getting my card out and you paid with yours.

I thought, he's got a credit card that I pay for with his name on it. And I know it's just for work, but still, it's like we're attached somehow. I don't just want to run your life at work, I want a say in it all the time. And even as a friend, I don't have enough power You're going to be my brother. Is Jory's boss has been his assistant for 5 years and the main architect for one of the premier architectural firms in the city, Harcourt, Brown, and Cogan.

And is view spoiler [lover to Kurt Pratt. He has a wife Rita Pratt and kids of his own. I hate characters like this; must read to understand. Jory sets him up with Dr. Chris Greer her husband.

I can't keep running after you. I had never, ever been crazier about anyone else. Sam Kage was the man of my dreams; it was too bad that being with him always became a nightmare.

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He's a looker, we get it , you don't have to mention it regularly. Same with Dane. And Sam. They are amazing, now move on. It was like reading a chapter of Jory's life, his life of meeting people, instantly connecting with folks and getting a brother. Also, the blurb of the book really spoils the book as the kidnapping doesn't happen until the very end. And who the kidnapper were was really predictable, and Jory was kinda stupid there.

What if you were hurt or killed or And that asshole tonight, he thinks he's got a shot with you I will not allow it to happen. I want you with me all the timeā€”can't have anyone else touching you or You get that, right?

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  6. You're mine. Jory keeps forgiving Sam: Sam messes up, Jory leaves. Sam dates a woman, then asks Jory to take him back, Jory takes him back and something happens again and Sam leaves.

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    You get a glimpse of happiness followed by sadness. Or something. Overall, the story was alright, but not good and I'm not sure I even like Sam in this series. I loved him in the Marshals series, but in this one, I feel like we don't really get to know him. I really dig Dane Harcourt though. Might actually like him better than everyone else I'm the only one who can't when I want to be the only one that can. Will I read this again in the future? Rating - 2.

    A Matter of Time - The Chronicles of Kerrigan - Book Trailer

    View all 7 comments. Nov 03, JenMcJ rated it really liked it Shelves: mm-mmm-a-few-mmf-too , e-books. After I continued to follow Jory and Sam and all their friends and family for yet another book I found that again this books cuts off abruptly. You can imagine my ire. So I sent off to the publisher for some info on the number of releases this was going to be until we read the 4.

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    Although they are primarily straight at the beginning, there gay and lesbian elements to them which you may find intriguing, not to mention, very fascinating storylines. They can be found in the General Fiction and Erotica Pages at the site. Thanks again for shopping at Club Lighthouse Publishing, and do drop again. Cheers, Terrie Really, do they think I am going to trust them to sell me a full book again? I won't take another chance like that Then I realized Ms.

    Calmes has a blog so I headed over there.