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  1. Educating Exceptional Children, Twelfth Edition.
  2. Ardor and Ignis Roadmap | Jelurida;
  3. Research Methods for Business Students (4th Edition).

In a nutshell, BaaS refers to the practice of leveraging blockchain technology to erect an entity designed to cater to businesses that are looking to use blockchain. If it were open-source, then it could be stolen or cloned, according to Jelurida. Given the fact that the Jelurida team does dictate the direction that Ardor goes in development and brand-wise and the closed nature of contributions to its code, its more than fair to state that Ardor is not decentralized.

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However, this is not an automatically bad thing. Even still, it should be noted that it is not a decentralized project for those that are sticklers on projects possessing this characteristic. The transactional functions of the blockchain are performed on the child chains while Ardor takes care of the processing and securing the network.

The definition provided above is fairly self-explanatory when it comes to child chain functionality. Again, Ardor does not make its code open-source, so this concept can only be evaluated on the basis of statements made by Jelurida, rather than objective analysis or code review.

ardor (n.)

Ignis is a cryptocurrency that trades separately from Ardor. According to the Ardor team:. The main chain, Ardor secures the network. This intuitive design means for the first time ever, simply deploying a new version of the code and updating future trigger transactions is enough to upgrade a smart contract.

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