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Best by Dubai-Bunnies. They plot to go to Malibu the following day to investigate Allison's disappearance. The next morning, Daniel awakens to find Phoebe missing.

He finds Phoebe near the school. He talks to her, and she transforms, revealing herself as Ergent Seth in disguise. Seth deactivates Daniel's powers, shoots him, and drags him into a spaceship. The ship flies away from Earth as Daniel is put into a cell for the duration of the trip. He summons his friends, who begin reconnaissance.

Daniel is taken to the bridge as the ship comes to Alpar Nok, Daniel's homeworld. It has been taken over by Seth and his henchmen, killing or impoverishing most of the inhabitants. Daniel escapes from a landing party and flees under the wreckage, where the few survivors live. After regaining his strength, Daniel goes after Seth again. During the fight, Daniel turns into a tick and enters Seth's head via his ear. He transforms into an elephant inside Seth's head, killing him instantly.

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Daniel X — The main character of the novel. His parents' deaths left him with a list of alien criminals that he is to terminate.

His main target is Number 1 on the List, a dreadful alien known as The Prayer. Daniel has the power to create with his mind, but must be focused and calm. In the book Daniel explains, "There's only so much I can create, for a limited period.

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I have to be really calm, and concentrate like you wouldn't believe. If I'm tired or cranky, forget it—it won't work. Plus there seems to be a mass limit.

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Or sometimes I seem to run up against a mental block of some kind. One time I tried to create a really cool, flaming red Ferrari, but nothing happened. He is forced to move from town to town because of some laws he has broken, and he must move to wherever the next alien on the list is living.

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He doesn't go to school, not until the middle of the book, when he moves to LA. He is very smart, but sometimes he acts dumb, just so he doesn't get made fun of or so that he doesn't gain unwanted attention. Daniel is also quite cocky, however, and doesn't always think things through, usually underestimating an opponent or enemy. Throughout the whole book, he is after Number 6 Ergent Seth on the List.

Phoebe Cook — In the middle of the book, Seth impersonates her, pretending to be Daniel's girlfriend, thus earning his trust. But one night, while he sleeps in Phoebe's closet as she is dreaming, Daniel reads her mind.

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The dream is about Seth in a classroom, trying to figure out a confusing problem, and everyone is calling him "dumb-dumb. He is said to be a Vermgypian alien, and is described in the book by Daniel as having "an impossibly narrow, horse-like head, a dead horse's head, covered in slack, bone-white, bloodless skin. The skin was decorated with pea-sized, pus-oozing bumps, like a diseased chicken's. He is responsible for many horror movie sequels.

Daniel is chasing after this character the entire story, until Seth is killed by Daniel at the end of the book by transforming into an elephant inside his head. He is known to be very cranky. Dana — Dana is from Daniel's home planet of Alpar Nok. She, along with Joe, Emma, and Willy, were assumed dead when the planet was attacked, although their bodies were never found.

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She is often conjured out of Daniel's mind to keep him from getting lonely. Dana has long blond hair and fair skin. She is explained by Daniel as "the girl of his dreams. But in "Armageddon" she shows "feelings" for Willy. Emma — Emma is from Alpar Nok. She, Joe, Willy, and Dana were a part of Daniel's "drang" an alien word for a group of close friends, possibly also meaning 'Gang'. She is a self-proclaimed environmentalist, a vegetarian, and an extreme animal lover. She was given the title 'Earth Mother' by the group.

She is Willy's younger sister. She is white and has brown hair and brown eyes. Joe — Joe is from Alpar Nok. He is fairly tall and very skinny even though he eats four times his own body weight. His mouth is always moving; he is either talking or eating.